Moffitt Maple Syrup For Sale

Made in West Liberty Ohio the old fashioned way.

Gallons $50

Half Gallons $28

Quarts $18

Pints $12

Call Keith Moffitt at 614-832-2520


My husbands familiy is from West Liberty Ohio 43357 and they have made maple syrup for many years. They make it the old fashioned way. They hang buckets on the trees and the sugar water  drips into them. It is collected and poured into a storage bin that is hauled behind a tractor. From there it is taken to the sugar shed where is is boiled until it is the right consistancy and poured into jugs. You will love it. We live in Delaware, I work in Dublin, my husband works in Columbus so you can pick it up either in Logan County or Columbus,,,which ever is easiest.



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Made in Ohio maplesyrup. More than 50 gallons of sap is used to make one gallon of maple syrup. This is a very good year for maple syrup